Experience Nature in a Whole New Way

Mary’s Land Farm is proud to offer seasonal cow, lamb, calf and bunny cuddling! Animal cuddling is believed to reduce stress by boosting Oxytocin in humans, the hormone released through social bonding. In our cuddling sessions, you may brush, feed, cuddle and connect with these beautiful animals.

Visitors are also welcome to explore the 160-acre property before or after their session. The farmland is home to free range chickens, ducks, friendly pigs and a herd of Devon beef cattle. Visitors often encounter ponies, goats and emus during a visit to our farm. Enjoy a visit to the Farm Store while you’re here. We have lots of farm fresh produce, meats, olive oils and farm-themed clothing!

Winter Message: As we go into the colder months of the year, things slow down on the farm and so do private encounters. Cow cuddling will remain available as usual but other sessions will mostly close down. Lamb cuddling will open sometime around late-January to early-February, depending on when the lambs are born! We are offering our Mornings on the Farm series on select Saturdays, please see details here. Thank you for a great 2023 season – we look forward to seeing so many new and returning faces in 2024!

Lamb Cuddling

It’s finally lambing season and lambs are ready to cuddle some humans starting February 3! 

Lamb cuddling takes place on Saturday and Sunday between February 3 – April 30 (for now). We allow one group at a time with a pair of lambs. Groups contain up to four guests per appointment scheduled. Sessions are 30 minutes long. 

For larger sessions, please schedule back to back sessions or email us at info@mary.farm with your inquiry.

Cow Cuddling

Meet our friendly adult cows with with Cori, the gal who started it all with Clarksville Cow Cuddling.

Open year round; Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Sessions are 45 minutes for groups of up to 8 guests. All sessions are private and must be booked in advance.

See bottom of page for a snapshot of what you can expect at your session!

Valentine’s Day Special

The perfect valentine’s day date. Cuddle the cows February 14 in the evening! 

Calf Cuddling

Come meet Mary’s Land Farm’s newest calves!

Sessions are 30 minutes for groups of up to four guests. Four groups can go at a time with their own pair of calves.

Calf cuddling is available through January 13, 2024. Enter your email below to get notified when registration for calf cuddling Spring 2024 opens up again.

Purchase Protection: 

We offer purchase protection that you can purchase at the time of booking a session.* This allows you to cancel for a refund or reschedule your booking should you find yourself in a position to no longer attend your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances.** We recommend that you participate in purchase protection as we do not offer refunds without it. 

To file a claim, please email us at info@mary.farm with your name, your appointment, type,  your originally intended appointment date and time, and the reason you will not be able to attend. Please also include if you would like to cancel for a refund or reschedule your appointment. If rescheduling, please also provide a time & date. We hope all claims will be done with honest intent. 

*Currently available for cow cuddling, calf cuddling, and bunnyville. Must be purchased at booking. 

**We are rain or shine. Mild weather conditions do not qualify for use of Purchase Protection. In the case of severe weather, we will reschedule appointments. All appointments take place under cover, away from wind, rain and sun.

Don't see what you are looking for? Email info@mary.farm for private bookings.


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