The Mary’s Land Farm CSA program is designed to support our members and the community. By becoming a member of our CSA, you receive great-tasting, healthy and diverse food items – and you also directly impact the local food community by supporting multiple growers, makers and business owners.

Members have the option to receive dietary staples such as fresh fruits and veggies, herbs, eggs, breads, dairy and meat each week. Our model also includes products from other local growers, which broadens your overall impact on local communities. 

Our farm understands that by becoming a member, you are putting your weekly diet in our hands and our goal is to ensure you are pleasantly surprised with every item, each week. Our CSA is a year-round model –  there is no deadline to subscribe and there is no set expiration. You can login and put your CSA share on hold at any time.

CSA Members receive the First Fruits, meaning: 

1. CSA Members get the Highest Priority for our Products. We are growing for the CSA first. What isn’t sold in the CSA is sold retail in our store. In other words, if we have a limited quantity offresh lettuce, it’s going to the CSA member first. If we have a limited egg yield, eggs are going to the CSA members first. We expect all of our organic orchard products to be sold through the CSA.

2. CSA Members get the Freshest Products. Because you are subscribing to our service, we know when your CSA must be ready. For example – we can harvest for you on Monday or early Tuesday morning because we know you are coming on Tuesday afternoon.

3. CSA Members have more packaging options. CSA members can opt to recieive their eggs on a recyclable flat or their lettuce with the roots on in a simple plastic bag instead of washed in a clamshell. These are options we cannot offer to in the store.

We will provide you with our farm produced items, along with  items furnished by other local farms that are good tasting and good for you. These products fill the food gaps that we cannot. For example, we will now provide you with baked goods, dairy items, fermented products and seafood from other farms and local producers. However, those producers must meet our  ethical and environmental standards.

Purchasing Flexibility  – Members  have a highly functional online CSA management system, administered by Farmigo, which has been improved upon  every year since 2009. You can put your subscription on hold when you are out of town, and you are able to swap out items from the standard share and  receive a Farmigo credit which may be used to buy other products.

Pickup vs Delivery – Pickup is Wednesdays or Saturdays at Mary’s Land Farm. The farm will increase pickup locations at any site where 10 or more shares can be delivered. if your place of business, your church or your club would like to host Mary’s Land Farm as a CSA pickup location for more than 10 shares, please contact [email protected] 

Delivery is on Wednesdays. There is a delivery fee of $10 per delivery.

Getting Started in our CSA Program

  1. First pick your share program. 

    1. The Basic CSA Share serves one or two people. The share includes two 10oz salads or heads of lettuce, two fresh herbs, and two vegetables, which can include fruit from our farm in season, which is the member’s decision.
    2. The Large CSA Share serves for 4 to 6 people. The share includes four 10 oz salads or heads of lettuce, four fresh herbs, and four vegetables, which can include fruit from our farm in season, which is the member’s decision.

  2. Next pick the optional add-on programs to compliment your share program.

    1. Bread – Artisan, Sourdough, or Ancient Grain loaf delivered as part of your share on a weekly basis. ($7 per week)
    2. Cheese – Alpine Heritage Cheese, Firefly, or Fresh Mozzarella ($7 per week)
    3. Milk –  In a 1 Quart Glass Container ($5 per week) $3 Refundable deposit.
    4. Soy Free Eggs – Soy-free, pasture raised fed USDA Organic Grain ($7 per week)
    5. Ground Beef – 100% Grass Fed Devon Beef  ($7 per week)
    6. Hex Fermented Kraut, Kimchi or Pickles  ($7 per week)
    7. Local Fruit – In season Strawberries, Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Sweet Corn, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Tomatoes, Squash, Apples.  ($10 per week)
    8. Soap – Every week try out a new bar of Breezy Willow Soap, and kiss soap in a plastic bottle good bye! ($7 per week).
    9. Speak Treat from Kingsbury Chocolate – A new treet every week, with either a Chocolate bar or a seasonal selection. ($7 per week)
    10. Locally Grown Flowers – Brighten Your Day With Fresh Flowers every week.  ($7 per week)

Click here to pick your base CSA and all of the options!