We look forward to a great day with you at Mary’s Land Farm where natural farming meets joyful activity! The following notes have been found handy for those visiting the farm. We welcome additions and corrections to this checklist at [email protected] .

Clothing: Closed toe shoes are important for a good experience at the farm. Boots are not required but shoes might get dirty, especially if there has been rain. Sunscreen is recommended. Children prone to allergies might want to take an anti-histamine prior to the visit based on parental discretion.  If it is sunny, a hat is a big plus!

Water: Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the trip.  Walking around a farm can be as strenuous for some as being out on the athletic field and you wouldn’t want to play a soccer game without ample water!

Inclement weather: The farm has a large paved road and we have many facilities undercover. We can give tours rain or shine. However, the decision whether or not to reschedule is yours. Please let us know as far as possible in advance.

Directions: We are located on 4979 Sheppard Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042, between Folly Quarter Road and Route 108. We have adequate space for bus parking and bus turnaround. We also have a location for buses to wait if they would like to wait.

Arrival Information: Tours begin at the Red Barn Welcome Center unless you were give other instructions. Check In and Payment must be done at the Welcome Center, which is the red barn a few hundred feet to the west of the Party Pavilion. Parking will be on a designated field close to both buildings.

Check In: Please have an accurate count of children, parents, chaperones and teachers for payment and let us know if there is any discrepancy with the prepaid amount.

Lunch: We have tables for you to bring a bagged lunch. We sell some water, sodas, juices and snacks at the welcome center.

Hand Washing: We have two handwashing stations setup.  Children should air dry their hands.