Help Wanted

Mary’s Land Farm is now hiring!  If interested in one of these positions, please send an email with your contact information to [email protected]

Sunday Store Clerk – The retail store clerk is responsible for managing the retail store on Sunday from 10AM until 6PM.  The store clerk will assist customers purchasing products from the store which includes a working knowledge of the products that we sell.  We expect all employees to provide customers with the best possible service during every interaction.  Compensation is based on experience.  Responsibilities Include: Greeting customers when they enter the store. Operating the POS system. Answer customer questions about products and the farm. Restock shelves and refrigerators.

Light duty mechanic-welder – This two day a week position is responsible for maintaining the equipment and tractors on the farm on a weekly basis.  You can set your own hours.  Welding experience is a plus.  Compensation is based on experience.  The position is available immediately.

Morning Chore Routine Person – The morning chore person is responsible for feeding and watering many of the animals on the farm starting about one hour after sunrise.  The job can take about two hours.  It is a great opportunity to enjoy nature and animals.  Once trained, you would sign up for shifts each week.  Compensation is minimum wage. Positions are available immediately.

Egg Cleaner and Packer – This position can be the same person acting as the Morning Chore Person or be independent of the morning chores.  The job starts two hours after sunrise and takes about three hours. Once trained, you would sign up for shifts each week. Compensation is minimum wage.  Positions are available after June 1.

Birthday Party Hostess – The birthday party hostess arrives an hour before the scheduled party and makes sure the environment is clean and setup to the desire of the family having the party.  They stay through the party and make sure the setup is cleaned afterwards and all trash is put away.  During the party, the hostess helps with the Unicorn, pony, and other animal activities. The hours are determined by party signups.  Compensation is minimum wage.  Positions are available after June 1.

Unicorn and Other Animal Handling Princess – This person must have experience in handling ponies and other small farm animals.  There is a set routine established for our birthday parties that have animal interactions.  The handling princess arrives two to three hours before the party to groom the animals if necessary.  The hours are determined by party signups. Compensation is based on experience.  The position is available immediately.


Horticulture Crew Member @ Mary’s Land Farm

April through November (with a possibility for winter employment)

Full and Part Time Positions Available

Weekday and Weekend Openings

Mary’s Land Farm is a multi-species, multi-layered 165-acre farm.  We are buliding a resilient, bio-diverse system that supports abundant nutrient-dense food production.  We host an array of livestock, year-round market garden, educational Pizza Field, and perennial polyculture system.  

Responsibilities primarily include but are not limited to

Polyculture Plantings and Maintenance – We have 3 miles with thousands of perennials planted that will require ongoing maintenance (at minimum: irrigation, feeding, mulching)

We are seeking someone who has:

  • Some gardening or planter experience required. Tractor experience is a plus.  Comfort and proficiency with hand tools is a plus. Training will be provided.  
  • The attitude to work in a variety of challenging situations (harsh weather, heavy lifting, potential allergens, repetitive and dirty tasks, endurance-based tasks) and use their brain.  In other words, farming hard and smart.  
  • Appropriate physical fitness.  If you have history of chronic back pain or other serious physical limitations this position is not a good fit for you.  
  • There will be a 3 day working interview and a 90 day probationary period to make sure this is a good match.  Please send a letter of interest and 2 professional references to [email protected]