Memberships – Mary’s Land Farm values its regular customers and sees them as a community of supporters at the farm. We want to tie those customers into the farm in a tighter relationship as members. Members are free to walk the farm during store hours, monitor the farm with cameras, attend First Saturday tours for free with invitees, and skip the line and self checkout some items at the store.

Basic Membership – $10 per Month
Ability to walk the farm during store hours
Parking decal – priority parking at events
Camera Access to live view of sites on farm
Children’s story hours
First Saturday Tour – bring friends and family to tour with you every First Saturday for Free
Self Checkout of Some Products
Access to CSA

Collaborator Membership – $15 per month
Basic Membership +
Pick 1 Cooking Class or 1 Banquet Meal Per Year
Priority reservation for cooking classes
Priority Ordering for Turkeys
First dibs on low quantity items when shortages occur
Pasture Walk Classes

Cofounder Membership – $25 per month
Basic Membership +
Pick 2 Cooking Classes or 2 Banquet Meals Per Year or 1 Cooking Class and 1 Banquet Meal Per Year or
Access to Bnb parlor for small group meetings

CSA Add-on to Membership – In order to keep our food products fresh and moving we need consistent purchasing by creating a CSA. We can reward consistent purchasing with steep discounts on some items. You must be at least a basic member to join the CSA. Our CSA share includes produce, but is not limited to produce. One share includes a box or flat of eggs, sausage, ground beef, ground pork, beef franks, beef patties, and many of our jams and jellies. We cannot guarantee that each of these products will be available each week.
OneShare – $20 per month 1 CSA Share per week.
TwoShare – $40 per month and 2 CSA Shares per week
FullShare – $140 per month and 7 CSA Shares per week, 2 mandatory

*Membership and CSA costs can be offset by volunteering. Volunteers must receive training in their area of volunteership before beginning to volunteer.