Large Parties and Small Birthdays, Company Picnics

Large Parties and Small Birthdays, Company Picnics

Thank you for considering having an event at Mary’s Land Farm.  It helps us accomplish one of the main goals of the farm, which is teaching the community about our sustainable farming practices and their benefits to everyone.

We find that adults and children of all ages have a great time at the farm, whether they are just walking around, or part of a programmed activity.  Mary’s Land Farm’s party events are held in beautiful outside venues filled with fresh air and many picture-taking opportunities.

Corporate Picnic? Get the employees out of the office (or basement) and onto a farm for a great morale booster!  If things are a little more serious, we’d be glad to host your company’s offsite meetings. We have plenty of breakout areas.

To get started, pick a venue, and then you’ll be able to pick an accompanying activity if you would like to.


Extra tables and extra time is available for rental at checkout.

Please bring your own table coverings to be placed on the tables. 

Parties are held rain or shine. However, if the weather is severe, we’re happy to discuss rescheduling or cancellation with you by phone.

You are free to bring your own food or drink to any activities. However, there is an additional fee for bringing in an outside caterer, bartender, band, or other professionals.

You are more than welcome to hire outside entertainment talent to assist in your party, like a balloon twister or face painter, but they must send a Certificate of Insurance one week prior to the event to [email protected]

Families will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate in the activities. The waiver can be completed before the party electronically or with an ipad at the beginning of the party.

Reservations are made online by selecting your party venue first.


There are a variety of venue options based on budget, size and personal preference.

Ice House – The Ice House is included in the party packages at no extra charge. It sits directly behind the Inn.  Visitors can park at the Inn and walk down to the Ice House. It was built in 1825 and contains a 12-foot deep cavern where ice was stored through the summer. Your party will be on top of that cavern in a covered space and on the porch and lawn in front of the Ice House.  It’s comfortable for a party of 20 to 30 people if they need cover, and up to 60 people if your guests can gather on the lawn.

Wooded Pavilions – There are multiple wooded pavilions in the middle woods of the property. These pavilions are included in the party packages at no extra charge. They are very comfortable for a party of 20 to 30 people if they need cover — more people if they can gather in the woods. There is currently no electricity in the wooded pavilions.

Red Barn – This is the former Farm Store. It is 70′ x 25′ in size, features conditioned air, electricity and can accommodate up to 100 people. This is a popular space for birthday parties and meetings.

Event Barn Pavilion – This is a large 80′ x 80′ Pavilion with an accompanying building popular for being the area to serve food or beverages. The capacity is 50 to 250 people or more depending on the utilization. 

Animal Experience Party Add On

Staff will escort the children and parents to an animal petting area as part of the pary.

  • Between March and May, we usually have lambs and baby cow calves.
  • Between May to August, we usually have chicken peeps.
  • Between April and June we should have cow calves.
  • Year round we have chickens, ducks, mini-horses, and sheep.

The animal handler and animals will spend up to 30 minutes with the party depending on the direction of the party host.

Please bring hand sanitizer for children to clean up after this activity.

Baby Unicorn Petting Party Add On

 Party details:

  • A baby unicorn and a mini horse for petting and decorating as well as a well-dressed and well-spoken handler will be in attendance. The handler and unicorn spend about 30 minutes at the party.
  • Up to 15 child guests are welcome.
  • The guest of honor must be turning 8 or under for a Unicorn Party.
  • The Unicorn is introduced 30 minutes after the designated party start time to allow all guests to arrive. The Unicorn is accompanied by another mini-horse. The roughly  30 minute program includes greeting the Unicorn and mini-horse, brushing it, decorating it with ribbons, taking pictures and then feeding the Unicorn and mini-horse a carrot at the end of the presentation. After the Unicorn leaves, parents usually present party-goers with a food or drink item, and the birthday child opens gifts which takes up the remainder of the 2 hour time segment.
  • We provide the carrots for the carrot feeding at the end of the party.
  • We provide the decorations for the mini Horse and  Baby Unicorn but no other decorations.  You are free to bring any decorations you would like.

Cow or Lamb Cuddling Add On

Spend up to thirty minutes on the farm cuddling cows or lambs.

Lamb Cuddling is more popular with small children since the lambs are smaller and easier to play with.

Cow Cuddling is more popular with older children or adults as it offers a chance to connect, unwind and cuddle with the Krispie Crew, Snap, Crackle, and Pop!
Cow cuddling is believed to reduce stress by boosting Oxytocin in humans, the hormone released through social bonding.

Host-Themed Birthday Party

You are the host, and you make up the Agricultural Related Theme for your party.  You, as the host, will provide the theme and decorations for the party.

Camping Bonfire

Enjoy a bonfire at one of our private locations on the farm. The location depends on the weather the evening the fire is selected. You must select a venue first to pick a bonfire. The most popular venue for bonfires is the Ice House.

A Mary’s Land Farm employed attendant will be available to assist with the fire. 


We have a variety of programs for you!