Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

We love to welcome young people to our farm to experience their very special day with us!  At the same time, we can make life easier for parents by offering a beautiful venue outside of the home filled with fresh air and many picture-taking opportunities.  We remain open due to COVID since all of our facilities are open-air and there is plenty of space for social distancing.


All parties except a bonfire take place in a large pavilion that has curtain walls that can be raised or lowered due to inclement weather.

We provide Baby Unicorn Petting and Decorating and Animal Experience parties.  Up to 16 child guests are welcome to a party without an additional fee. We provide (1) eight-foot banquet table for food and refreshments. We provide a low table with seating for 15 children and the guest of honor as well as an eight-foot table with eight chairs for adults.  The standard party is a maximum of two hours in duration, which involves about 45 minutes of the animal experience program.


Extra tables and extra time is available for rental at checkout.

Parties are rain or shine. However, if the weather is severe, we will discuss rescheduling or cancellation with you by phone.

We do not provide a face painter nor a balloon twister, but you are more than welcome to bring them with you as long as they contact us one week in advance at 410-849-4314.

Reservations Are Made Online by Selecting Your Party Below.

Animal Experience Party Make Reservation

The party includes the necessary portion of a large 80 x 80 pavlion.  We will bring to the children animals we have available at the time for petting. Between March and May we usually have lambs. May to August we usually have chicken peeps. Between April and June we should have cow calves. Year round we have chickens, ducks, mini-horses and sheep. The party is typically two hours in duration. The animal handler and animals will spend up to 45 minutes with the party depending on the direction of the party host.

Baby Unicorn Petting Party Make Reservation

This is our most popular party! The party includes the necessary portion of a large 80 x 80 pavlion.  Parties include a baby unicorn and a mini horse for petting and decorating as well as a well dressed and well-spoken handler. The handler and unicorn spend 45 minutes at the party. Up to 15 child guests are welcome. The guest of honor must be turning 8 or under to have a Unicorn Party. The standard party is two hours in duration.  We provide the carrots for the carrot feeding at the end of the party. We also provide the decorations for the mini Horse and  Baby Unicorn.

Baby Unicorn Encounter Make Reservation

The Baby Unicorn Encounter is for 1 to 2 children who would like to spend time with a Baby Unicorn on our farm. The Baby Unicorn is accompanied by a handler and a miniature horse. The child and chaperone are brought to a special place on the farm. The Unicorn, handler, and mini-horse walk up to the child. Some time is spent socializing.  Time can be spent brushing and decorating the Unicorn and mini horse, hanging out, doing some of the activities the handler will have with them. At the end of the activity, the Unicorn will be given a special treat, which is an apple or carrot, or something the child would like to feed the unicorn. The total activity time is under sixty minutes.

Birthday Party Host Theme Make Reservation

We provide the facility for to 15 child guests. You as the host will provide the theme and decorations for the party.


Camping Bonfire MakeReservation

We will keep a three hour bonfire going for you at one of our private locations on the farm. The location depends on the weather the evening the fire is selected.  There will be a Mary’s Land Farm employed attendant present on the farm at all times to assist with the fire. Fires can be started between 4pm until 6pm.  There is a guest limit of 30 people.