Pumpkin Patch

Join us at the pumpkin patch at Mary’s Land Farm on Fridays and Saturdays from 10AM to 5PM.


Get a free hayride in our wagon and pick a pumping in our chemical free pumpkin patch!

Chemical Free Pasture


Unfortunately, farms have become hosts to all sorts of dangerous industrial chemical herbicides and insecticides that may be dangerous for humans and adults.

Since we purchased our farm in 2014, neither herbicide nor pesticides have been sprayed anywhere on the property.

There are other fun activities at the farm this fall, including:

Artist Guided Pumpkin patch painting sessions.

Scarecrow Stuffing – Use our clothes or yours to make a scarecrow with our hay.

Non-edible Pizza Making – Grind wheat, shred cheese, crush tomatoes to make your own pizza that came from a farm.  (Pizzas are currently non-edible).