Summer Camp Counselor

Goal: The goal of the summer camp counselor at Mary’s Land Farm is to advance the education and formation of young people through healthy farm activities.

2022 Dates: Summer Camp Counselors are 18 and over and work from June 13 to August 19. They are allowed one week of vacation which is not paid.

There are two levels of counselors.  Each group of children will be led by both a junior and senior counselor.

Senior Counselors – Senior counselors ideally are teachers or other professionals who have a command of working with students in an educational setting.  Most senior counselors are over 22 years of age, have a bachelor’s degree and potentially a teaching certificate.  There are a limited number of senior counselors that are younger and do not have degrees but function as senior counselors because they have significant experience with the Mary’s Land Farm Camp program or similar programs.

Junior Counselors – Junior counselors are 18 and older.  Ideally, they have previous experience working with children and farm curricula.  



The camp is licensed by the state of Maryland and accredited by the American Camp Association.  We have high standards. 

Counselors must participate in summer camp training from Jun 20, 2022 to June 24, 2022.  You will be paid $600 for training week only after you have completed seven weeks of summer camp.

You are allowed to miss only one week of summer camp.  The week you choose to take off must be approved and should be requested as soon as possible.  

All counselors are required to submit to background checks.  There is zero tolerance for any legal violations, including violations after you have been hired by Mary’s Land Farm.  You are required by the state of Maryland to be fingerprinted and have your fingerprints checked in State and National databases.

Hourly Wage:

Base Pay $14.50
Previous Experience at Mary’s Land Farm $2.00
College Degree $2.00
College Degree – Teacher $2.00
Teacher with 1 year plus experience $2.00
Specialty Knowledge in an Area $2.00

Application Process:

Please fill out this staff application. The application requires three references.  Please allow us up to 30 days to let you know if you are hired or not as a camp counselor.

Referral Program:

Refer a great candidate to us and receive a check for $200!  If a counselor writes your name on the application, and we hire that counselor, we will pay you $200 after their first week of camp!