Summer Camp for Adults and Families with Children over 11

A One Week Farm Immersion Experience (Sunday to Sunday)

Spend a very full week on our 160 acre organic farm doing all of the farming that we do.  This is an authentic farm experience.  You will be immersed in farm chores, and also get a chance to hear relevant lectures, and eat the bountiful harvest.

Daily Schedule
7AM Chores
9AM Breakfast and Cleanup
10AM Back to Work
2pm Lunch, Lecture, Siesta
5PM Back to Work
7PM Dinner and Relaxing Activities (Fire, games, or movie).

Weekly Schedule
Sunday Evening: Report to the farm for a community dinner.  Get a chance to dialogue with the farmers just finishing up the previous week’s experience.

Monday:Learn all of the regular farm chores, which include gathering eggs, moving chicken tractors, and moving cattle. As an optional activity on Monday evening we select the set of broilers to be prepared for processing.

Tuesday: Same Chores as Monday plus Moving Meat Chickens through the brooder
Picking up Chicks from Post Office & Putting them in the brooder room
Pigs Intensive

Wed: Same Chores plus Chicken Processing (Optional) or
Produce Gardening Intensive (Soil, hydroponic or floral)

Thursday:Chores plus Layers Intensive

Friday: Chores plus Cattle Intensive

Saturday: Chores plus Food Preparation and Storage

Sunday: Chores plus graduation dinner with a farm harvest.

Cost: $450 per person per week with meals outlined above but no overnight accommodations.

Rooming options: The Inn at Mary’s Land Farm, camping, or nearby hotels.