Rental Terms and Conditions

Venue Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental Times

You may access the event space 45 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Any additional set up time needed could be added on to your time at the appropriate hourly rate of the space. The end time of your event is the limit of your rental time, any additional time will be billed at the appropriate hourly rate. 



Mary’s Land Farm has established appropriate guest capacities for each event space. Any over-crowded event spaces will be charged an additional fee and could be asked to leave. 


There shall be no loud music playing without approval from Mary’s Land Farm. Any music that can be heard from outside the event space must be family-friendly. 


Everyone who consumes alcohol must be 21 or older. Overconsumption of alcohol will not be tolerated. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited outside the event space. Any selling of alcohol requires a bartender and/or service with the appropriate licensing from the Howard County Liquor Board. 


All spaces are expected to be in the same condition they were found in. All trash should be placed in appropriate containers provided by Mary’s Land Farm. Mary’s Land Staff should be notified in the case of spillage or extra messes before the renter leaves the farm. MLF has the right to charge an additional cleaning fee after the event if deemed necessary. 

Outside Vendors

All vendors providing services must have approval from MLF and have appropriate licensing and insurance for their services. There is a fee for each vendor brought in. 

Outside Businesses

All businesses providing services must have approval from MLF and have appropriate licensing and insurance for their services. Space cannot be resold to customers. 


Any animal or adventure experiences require a waiver of liability to be completed ahead of time. 

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Party cancellations may be refunded 50% up to 30 days before the scheduled party. Parties canceled within 30 days are non-refundable. Rescheduled parties within 15 days of the event will require a 10% change fee. This policy does not apply to those who purchased the third-party purchase protection during booking.

Moonbounce/Other Structures 

If approved by Mary’s Land Farm, proof of at least $1,000,000 general liability insurance; $1,000,000 per occurrence is required.. Mary’s Land Farm must be listed as the Certificate Holder. Name, address and telephone contact information for the rental company needs to be listed on the moonbounce disclaimer. Additionally, physical site limitations may prohibit use of certain equipment. The certificate of insurance from the rental company must accompany the signed moonbounce permit. 


Bees and Insects

Bees and insects are a potential problem and can spoil your event. Please keep food and beverages covered to discourage bees and other insects. Cleaning up any spills immediately and placing a ring of soap suds around the plastic liner of your trash bags can help. Bees are especially troublesome from August through October. Applicants are responsible for bringing a first-aid kit to treat bee stings and other minor injuries that may occur. In the case of an allergic reaction, call 911 immediately, and then notify a staff member. 

Illness/Emergency Services

In the case that medical attention is needed, please call 911 immediately and then notify a staff member. The emergency services are often met at the front gate by a staff member and led to the space where they are needed. If an AED is needed, please immediately seek help in the farm store if during store hours, or call 410-849-4314 AFTER calling 911. 

Mary’s Land Farm reserves the right to deny or cancel any pavilion agreement for any reasonable cause or violation of this agreement. Every attempt will be made to give the applicant adequate notice of cancellation or request denial.