Goats on the Farm

Have you visited the goats at Mary’s Land Farm? These lovable, hearty, beautiful creatures attract young and old alike.

Our goats are situated in a spacious, fenced-in area behind the Farm Store, along with neighboring pigs, emus, and occasional chickens. The ducks and miniature horses are also a short walk away.

The goats are not used for any of their products (milk or meat); they just love to interact with our staff and farm visitors. During special events, such as the late-summer Clarksville Sunflower Festival, visitors are allowed to enter the goats’ pen and interact with them under the guidance of an animal handler.

Fun facts about goats:

  • Both male and female can be born with or without horns
  • They don’t have front teeth on their top jaw. They scoop up their food with their tongue and lips. If you feed them by hand, it tickles!
  • They don’t like to get wet and prefer to seek shelter. The goats at Mary’s Land have small shelters to use during inclement weather
  • They’re quite agile and love to climb and jump
  • They’re very social animals
  • They’re herbivores (plant-eaters) that spend most of their day grazing

It’s also worth noting that goats endure a wide range of temperatures and are still outside during these colder days.

During your next visit to the farm, be sure to say hello to the goats!

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