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Home Delivery & In-Store Pickup

We bought this farm back in 2014 with a vision of providing nourishing food raised responsibly for our family and yours. We’ve been able to maintain our commitment to beyond-organic practices, and are excited to extend our offerings to the local community through our Home Delivery and In-Store Pickup services.

Subscription based farming is the most environmentally conscious form of local farming because it can reduce and almost eliminate food waste and help us plan our production to meet your exact needs.
Our Home Delivery and In-Store Pickup services take elements of a traditional CSA Membership and offer increased flexibility and convenience.

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We offer home delivery for customers within approximately a 7 mile radius around the farm. Visit our delivery registration page here to see if we deliver to your address.

Yes, a cooler or Mary’s Land Farm porch box is required for delivery IF your delivery includes any frozen or refrigerated products.

If no one answers the door to accept the delivery directly, our delivery drivers need to see a cooler or porch box before they will complete the delivery IF your order includes any frozen or refrigerated products. We want to make sure your groceries can stay cold if you are not home.

If you forgot to leave your cooler or porch box outside, we will attempt to make the delivery the following week, or you can contact customer service ( to coordinate a time to pick up your groceries at our Farm Store.

If any of the frozen/refrigerated products have a best by date that would not allow us to deliver the same product the following week, we will issue a credit on your account for the corresponding amount, and that product would be removed from your order.

Whether you live inside or outside of our home delivery radius, you will be able to select in-store pickup. You can do this during the registration process or change from home delivery to in-store pickup in your account preferences.

Ready to include us in your healthy food journey? Click here to head over to our registration page and get started.

We will be looking to expand our delivery options as quickly as possible. Typically, we need 15 interested customers before we can create a new route. If you continue with the registration process here, we will see your address on our internal map and that is the easiest way for us to know when we are able to create a new route for any given area.  Contact with any other questions.