Our onsite farm store is in the middle of the farm.

The majority of the products in the store are raised on our farm.  The ruminant animals (beef steer and lamb) are 100% grass fed and are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.  Our grain fed animals are pork, meat chickens, egg laying hens and stew hens.  The grain they are fed is always grown locally, USDA Organic and Soy-Free, and not from a mono-culture crop.  We try to keep the full range of cuts in stock as well as more exotic animal parts.  We also sell products from other local farms, such as dairy products, jams, and jellies.

We have customers that come every week for our chicken eggs and duck eggs. Both of these fowl are great foragers, with the ducks winning the prize for all time best forager.

We also sell herbal products and other health enhancing products.

Approximately eleven months out of the year we sell produce raised naturally from our fields and greenhouses.  Depending on the month, we raise Spinach, Salad Mixes, Arugula, Hakueri Turnip, Baby Bok Choi, Cherry and Beefsteak tomatoes and sweet peppers.
The opposite side of the store is home to Secolari Olive Oils, Balsalmics and Vinegars.