Barnyard Adventures

Saturday, September 23rd is our kickoff for Fall Festival Weekend! The remnants of an uninvited tropical storm is threatening to put a gloom on our day. However, we have the personnel and facilities to overcome anything that’s suppressing our fall fun!

Besides, it will not be until late Saturday evening that the winds and rain show up in full force. You can still have a great time at the farm during the day.

M-F 10am-4pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sundays 10am-5pm


Barnyard Adventure Short Corn Maze for Beginners

We built the perfect 5-acre short corn maze. There’s a pig, a rooster and a cow in our maze. Let’s see if you can find them while you play an interactive game with a game sheet.

Megaslide Tandem Racer

Climb to the top of the mountain and race down the MegaSlide. Both kids and parents will enjoy racing down the hill. 

Animal Feeding Areas

Feed a variety of the barnyard animals in dedicated feeding areas.

Pumpkin Patch

Over 5 acres of various sized and shaped pumpkins to choose from! And a decorating area to paint your pumpkins afterwards!

SING-A-LONGS and MAGIC SHOWS: Every Saturday

Music at the Farm: Every Sunday

See schedules for details.


Our own tiny bunny village features an Ihop, a Hopspital, a Dunkin’, Bunny Jail, and the New Hop Church next to the elementary school with lots of bunnies!

Lil' Kids Tractor Drive

Time to start driving a mini-tractor to get the hang of farming. Pretty soon you’ll have your own Deere!

Kiddos Corn Cob Pit

The barnyard has a great big pit full of corn cobs and a little maze.


Color Maze

Start with our special color maze to get a sense of how mazes work and how to make it through one.

Gaga Ball

The GaGa pit is designed to contain the game of GaGa Ball (often called a gentler version of Dodgeball). The court keeps the ball in play and allows players to hit the ball off the walls to improve their chance of knocking others out below the knee. 

Giant Connect Four

The Jumbo 4-To-Score Giant Game is an oversized version of the classic CONNECT FOUR game. The rules are very simple and children can learn them quickly.


Kids love the simple and familiar swingsets with climbing structures in different areas of the farm.

Musical Hayride Tour

On weekends, enjoy a musical hayride tour of our 160-acre farm. The hayride runs hourly starting at 10 am and is a great way to get from one side of the farm to the other.

Private Picnic Areas

Take a break in one of our private wooded pavilions, close to the fall festival area. Perfect for a snack, lunch, or homebase to gather your group throughout your stay.

Group Rates

We encourage large families, homeschool groups, sport teams, etc. to come together! Tickets are discounted based on group sizes starting with groups 5+. Groups 5-10 tickets receive $2 off tickets, groups 11+ receive $3 off! These discounts are automatically applied at checkout!
For field trips or groups larger than 20, please fill out our field trip request form:

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