Farm Map

Mary’s Land Farm is a work of environmental stewardship.

Environmental Impact #1: Greatly reduce high speed water rushing off of the farm and flooding the stream. The blue lines on the ruling hills represent over three miles of swales and berms. The swales catch the rainwater as it rolls down the hill and stores the water for the 3,000 fruit and nut trees that have been planted on the swales.

Environmental Impact #2: Grazing animals live between the swales. Their manure is washed into the swale and not the stream. As a result, we do not contaminate the stream.

Environmental Impact #3: Our animals are grazed using a Managed Intensive Grazing paradigm that sequesters carbon instead of increasing green house gases.

Environmental Impact #4: All of the animals that are moved around the farm, as well as careful application of additional compost, is leading to restoration of soil vs hard, compacted dirt common in so many farms. The soil returns true microbial action restoring the natural environment.

Environmental Impact #5: We only use organic fertilizers and homeopathic pest control. No insecticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used on the farm.

Environment Impact #6: We have a 1/2MW  solar field, to empower the entire farm with clean solar.