Field Trips

Outdoor, Hands-on Farm Field Trips at Mary’s Land Farm

Our Passion – At Mary’s Land Farm, education is our passion! We educate children and adults on farming and its relationship to the greater environment in a fun, hands-on atmosphere. We are dedicated to regenerative agriculture, which is healthy for the earth, animals, employees and visitors. We wish to share this way of farming with you!

We offer field trips to schools, daycare programs, after-school programs, scout groups, homeschoolers, and families up and down the East Coast. These educational programs are catered to the age group and can be made custom to complement a classroom curriculum.  Available for online registration, we have the Fall Farmer Adventure Field Trip and the Farm Immersion Field Trip.

1) Farmer Adventure Fall Field Trip – Designed for Fall entertainment and education, includes corn maze and pumpkin! The fall field trip is offered between September 19 and November 17.  Details for the fall field trip are on this page.

2) Immersion Field Trip – We offer the Immersion Field Trip all year.  Students can be immersed with the animals, the stream and environmental water features, or with the produce-growing operations on the farm.

We require a minimum of 20 people for field trips. It is $12/person with 1 teacher included for every 20 students.

Please fill out our field trip registration form to get started.