Mary’s Land Farm is a sustainable farm. Our goal is to raise and produce a variety of different animals and plants all working together in a regenerative ecosystem.


The farm practices environmental responsibility by:

1. Controlling erosion by channeling the water where it is needed.
2. Getting carbon back into the soil where it belongs.
3. Generating our own solar power.


The staff raises a variety of livestock, all free to roam in pastures or woodlands, as best suited their nature.

The livestock on our farm includes:

1. Pasture-raised beef steer and cows
2. Pasture-raised sheep
3. Woodland-raised pigs
4. Pasture-raised broiler hens (for chicken meat)
5. Pasture-raised layer hens (for eggs)
6. Foraging ducks (for eggs)
7. Turkeys (prior to Thanksgiving)

The Mary’s Land Farm team planted and tends to thousands of young trees and bushes, which will eventually yield a great harvest of local and native fruits and nuts in the years to come.
The farm is home to a 90’ x 100’ greenhouse, which allows us to extend our growing season for vegetables. During the regular growing season, we also grow vegetables outside. Recently, we implemented a hydroponics system to grow vegetables year round.

Now Taking Pre-orders for Easter Hams and Lamb Roasts 

Impress your guests with local & tasty Pasture-Raised Pork Hams or Lamb Roasts. Orders due March 22 for pickup March 23-30.