Environmental Responsibility

Three Hallmarks of Environmental Responsibility at Our Farm

1. We stop erosion. Water has a hard time trying to make it off our property. We have installed 3 miles of swales and berms on the contour of our rolling hills! This keeps the water, manure and nutrient runoff on the property, stuck uphill from the berms. On top of the berm, we’ve planted 3,000 thirsty fruit trees!

2. We are a large carbon sync. In other words, we put carbon where it belongs — into the soil. Our world’s ecosystem was built with a system of checks and balances. Carbon is sucked into the soil by grasses and trees and microorganisms digesting organisms. We make soil here by embracing the underlying ecosystem of the farm by avoiding herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Before 1950, scientists did not understand how the fungal life of the soil worked. If we knew then, what we know now, conventional farming wouldn’t have become so dependent on chemical farming. There is an entire microbial ecosystem under my feet. This microbial microsystem, much of it invisible to the human eye, can either be embraced, or detonated with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. If you embrace it, you have to respect the entire natural system and pray for good results. If you detonate it, you’re raising food in dirt — not soil.

3. We make our own power. On a sunny day, our southward facing solar panels absorb enough sun energy to power 70 other homes in the area after covering the needs of the farm itself.