Pyrenees Livestock Guard Dogs

Livestock Guard Dogs

Great Pyrenees

What makes our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guard Dogs different then the rest? Our dogs have been trained on pasture with chickens and turkeys and they live in the pasture up to the day you pick them up. This means they are completely trained and ready to live with and guard your chickens. They live a completely symbiotic relationship with the chickens. In the summer you'll see chickens picking flies off the dogs lips. When there's a threatening overhead predator, they tuck the chickens under the hut. They are up all night protecting the flock from ground predators so you don't need to be! Secondly, they are used to other dogs being walked on a leash by their paddock and they don't react to them. We have had dogs previously that were raring to attack neighbor dogs even if they were walked on a leash. Finally, the dogs are friendly to humans. Our dogs are available for $2,000 each, male or female, intact.