Many customers visit the farm store for our large, whole, brown USDA-certified organic eggs.

Our layer hens spend the mornings laying eggs and consuming GMO-free/soy-free organic feed mix; the afternoons roaming and foraging outside their covered wagons.

The benefits of our chicken-raising methodology:

  1.  Organic, soy-free chicken feed is healthier for the bird and our customers.
  2.  The birds receive personal care and attention.
  3.  Our employees work in a healthy environment that’s not overwhelmed by ammonia.
  4. The chicken excrement is used as a natural fertilizer on the farm.
  5. We also buy local, and our dollars stay in the local economy.

Organic, Soy-Free Feed

The layer chickens forage outside; yet, they wouldn’t lay eggs year round if they didn’t eat grain. However, unlike most chicken farms, we provide a varied grain diet.

They eat an organic, soy-free/GMO-free blend purchased from a certified organic farm (run by a great family) located about an hour from Mary’s Land. Our chickens also eat organic field peas, oats (or spelt), flax, argonite (calcium), fish meal, crab meal, alfalfa meal, and Fertrell probiotics.

Unlike many industrial-organic farms that may buy their grain from Brazil, we’re certain of our feed quality and it’s loal origins. Our grain formula costs up to 10x more than buying a mono-culture feed produced offshore, and yields a healthier egg.

Egg Washing

To clean our eggs, we use a Sani-Touch egg washer with brushes. We initially bought an immersion washer, which was a mistake because it requires harsh chemicals. It would have defeated the purpose of raising organic eggs if we used this washer.

Please download, print, read, and circulate our Layer Hen Overview, which describes our holistic and natural method of raising great-tasting eggs.

Mary’s Land Farm eggs are available in our Farm Store.