We sell large whole brown USDA certified organic eggs that are raised on our farm.  Our layer hens are securely locked in our barn at night and spend the morning laying their eggs and consuming their GMO-Free and Soy-Free organic feed mix.  In the afternoon, we let them roam outside the barn and forage.


The benfits of our chicken raising methodology:
1. Organic, soy free chicken feed is healthier for the bird and the consumer.
2. The bird has a good life with our personal attention.
3. The employee works in a healthy environment not overwhelmed by ammonia.
4. Since we also buy local, every dollar stays in the local economy.
5. The environment benefits as our method of raising the chickens is natural fertilizer not concentrated.


Organic Soy Free Feed – While the chickens do forage outside, they would not lay eggs year round if we did not feed them grain. However, unlike most chicken farms, we give a varied grain diet. We provide our layer hens an organic, soy-free GMO-Free recipe that we purchase from a certified organic farm run by a great family about an hour drive from here. Unlike industrial-organic that might buy their grain from Brazil, we are certain of the quality of our feed and we are keeping the money in the local economy. Our grain formula that has a variety of grains as opposed to just soy and corn, costs up to 10x more than buying a mono- culture offshore. It costs more, but its a healthier egg. Our chickens are fed organic Field Peas, Oats or Spelt, Flax, Argonite (Calcium), Fish Meal, Crab Meal, Alfalfa Meal, and Fertrell Probiotic.

Day Penning: The chicken coop is in the middle of fields that are planted with different seasonal plants that chickens use for protection and forage. The advantage is that the chickens diet has a greater variety and they are not cooped up all day! All of our fields are filled with clover, but around the chicken we have seeded Sun Hemp, Sun Flowers and Brassicas.

Egg Washing: We use a Sani-Touch egg
washer that uses bristle brushes instead of harsh chemicals to clean the eggs. We originally bought an immersion washer, which was a mistake because it requires harsh chemicals. It would defeat the purpose of raising organic eggs if we had to clean them with harsh chemicals.

Please Download, Print, Read and Circulate Layer Hen Overview which is written for anyone interested in our holistic and natural method of raising great tasting eggs.

The eggs are available in our farm store during normal farm store hours and at Roots Market in Clarksville and Olney