Grass-Fed Beef

100% Grass-Fed Beef – Grass Fed from Start To Finish in a Herbicide- and Pesticide-Free Pasture

We only raise Devon beef animals, which are:

  • A small-framed reddish animal from Devon, England
  • 100% grass fed from beginning to end
  • Nicknamed “gourmet beef on grass”

At our Farm Store, we’ve often heard that once a child tries our ground Devon beef, that’s all they want.

Gourmet on Grass!

When we started the farm, we sought a breed that was docile, and does well in a 100% grass-fed environment. Fellow area farmers told us we could never finish beef successfully without a “fattening up” corn-based period. This might be the case for other beef breeds, but we’ve found that our Devon cattle produce gourmet, quality beef on 100% grass.

Herbicide and Pesticide Free Pasture: We’re sure that you and your family don’t want to eat beef from an animal that has been digesting herbicides and pesticides. Essentially, we’re trying create the biological consistency the animals had in the 19th century, prior to the chemical saturation on farm fields.

Managed Intensive Grazing: The image above is from the NRCS. Scientists now realize that mob grazing, or Managed Intensive Grazing, is best for cattle. In this system, cattle don’t remain in one paddock for more than seven days, and usually only for one day. The paddock is then allowed to recover for 30 to 90 days – depending on the season, the soil, and the local climate; the pasture develops a firmer root base using this pattern. Actually, grass that’s effectively grazed performs better than grass that is over or under grazed.

As shown in the graphic above, a short intensive grazing period, with a long recovery period allows a sophisticated root system to develop. The result is healthier plants, which can have a significant environmental impact when adopted by more farmers.

Please download, print, read, and circulate the Beef Raising Overview, which describes our holistic and natural method of raising gourmet beef on grass.

Beef cuts, ground beef, beef sticks, and beef-based sausage are available in our Farm Store.


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