DOD Skillbridge Intern

Internship Starts on a rolling basis throughout the year.
Term Mary’s Land Farm requires the intern to spend at least three months of full time participation in the Skillbridge Internship program.
Schedule Mary’s Land Farm requires the intern to spend at least 30 hours per week of onsite participation in the Skillbridge Internship program.

Number of Internship Available: Up to 4 based on seasons.

Call to Action: Apply Here or send questions to

The goal of the Skillbridge Internship Program at Mary’s Land Farm is to train future farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers.

Mary’s Land Farm has the capability currently to train someone to plan, direct, and coordinate the management of a sustainable farm with working greenhouses, hydroponic operations, orchard, nurseries, cattle, poultry, and egg laying operations. An intern could learn how to hire, train, and supervise farm workers or contractors to manage the day-to-day activities of the farm. An intern could engage in or supervise planting, cultivating, harvesting, and financial and marketing activities. However, this may or may not be too much information for any one person in a 3 or 4 month internship program. Often we trim it down to a plan of action that fits with the ability and time commitment of the intern.

General Farm Description: Mary’s Land Farm is a  160 acre farm in Ellicott City, Maryland, about 20 miles North of Washington DC.  We raise beef, pigs, chickens, and sheep. In our market garden and greenhouses, we raise seasonal vegetables, greens and herbs. The farm has three miles of swales and berms installed for water and manure conservation. On the berms,  we raise thousands of perennials. Each year we entertain the neighbors with a sunflower festival, and three other festivals.  We educate children with field trips and a summer camp program.  We have regular ongoing adult education programs as well. There is a farm store and country inn also on the farm.


Our goal is to have apprentices experience every aspect of the farm operation so that they’ll take best practices with them to start their own successful farming project.  For that reason, apprentices will be involved in every aspect of the operation.  The apprentice will gain a deep understanding of what’s required to run a successful farm business.  Apprentices work six days a week with us in the high season.  Our goal is to give you a completely unique and very well diversified experience.

Housing: We do not have house available for Skillbridge Interns.