Apply for positions with OUR growing family of hardworking farmers and staff who love to teach and entertain – and be part of a healthy food community!

Needed Now – Part Time Work

  • Social Activity Coordinator Weekends.  This is the perfect job for someone who has both hospitality and animal handling experience.  You will be the host of all of the weekend social activities at the farm, which includes birthday parties, cuddling and other immersion events, as well as tours.
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Assistant.  The ideal candidate is a motivated individual, eager to learn more about hydroponic growing and assist in the development of an NFT System and Deep Water Culture pond. Our hydroponic greenhouse consists of both Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and a 30,000 Deep Water Culture (DWC).

Seasonal Work (Some Great For Students, Some Good For Snow Birds, Most Good For Everyone)

  • Seasonal Summer Camp Counselor – Summer Camp Teachers and Counselors are 15 and over and work from June 13 to August 19. Applications are accepted year-round.
  • Sunflower Market Manager –  Work from June 1 until August 30. If interested, please email [email protected]
  • Mary’s Amazing Pumpkins Manager – Work from September 1 to October 30. If interested, please email [email protected]
  • Christmas Garden Manager – Work from October 1 to January 1. If interested, please email [email protected]
  • Seasonal Agritainment Worker – Seasonal workers work at the Sunflower Market in August, Mary’s Amazing Pumpkins in the Fall, and the Christmas Bazaar.  Applications are accepted year-round.

Types of Internship

  • Farm Experience Interns aka Summer Camp for Adults and Families with Children over 11(1 Week, Monday to Sunday) (Cost $550 per person which includes a bunk and board or $325 without room and board. Can be combined with a stay at the Inn at Mary’s Land Farm, or with a camping experience. For family rates, email [email protected])
  • Professional Farmer Intern (February 1 to December 30. Periods can be abbreviated.) 4 Slots Per Year Available. You will receive a monthly stipend on a sliding scale each month as your labor contributions increase with the skills obtained. There are bunk slots and board options available. 
  • DOD Skillbridge Intern (Year Round)  Skillbridge trains retiring service members in farm skills. Write [email protected] and give us about 7 days to respond to you.
  • Summer Farm Intern (May 15 to August 19) 10 Slots per year.  You will receive a monthly stipend on a sliding scale each month as your labor contributions increase with the skills obtained.  There are bunk slots and board options available.

Types of Volunteers (please write [email protected] and let us know which of the following roles you fill.)

  • Docents or other experts Knowledge experts who would like to teach visitors, summer camp children, field trip children, or festival attendees something from their knowledge base. Examples are Historians, Veterinarians, Taxidermists, Gardeners, Cooks, Survivalists, Farmers, Blacksmiths, Cobblers, etc. We will need to run a background check for child safety.
  • Summer Camp Helpers – Help Summer Campers have a good educational experience on the farm.  You must go through our training June 13-15, 2022 and we will need to run a background check for child safety.
  • Gardeners Assist the staff in tending to either the greenhouses, microgreens, and vegetable gardens in the summer.
  • Orchardists Assist the orchard staff year round.
  • Horse Lovers Work under the direction of the horse caretakers.
  • Caregivers of the Mentally Handicapped or Autistic Several opportunities exist where caregivers bring in men and women to wash eggs and tend animals. 
  • Students of all Ages If you know nothing about farming, but have an interest in starting, please consider paying to be a Farm Experience Intern which will give you a sense of what we do before committing to a volunteer role.  If that’s not practical, just let us know what your skills are and we may be able to arrange a mutually beneficial project.