Farm Education

Field Trip Information

Education is our passion here at Mary’s Land Farm! 

 We educate children and adults on farming and its relationship to the greater environment in a fun, hands-on atmosphere. We offer opportunities to schools, daycare programs, after-school programs, scout groups, homeschoolers, and families up and down the East Coast. Each program is catered to the specific age group for the best hands-on experiences! 


Offered year round, students will engage in hands-on farm activities either in our learning lab facility, greenhouses, or out and about on the farm! Each field trip encourages groups to have lots of fun, while also learning an ongoing farm lesson or theme. Our facilities have been especially curated to create new and unique experiences for groups of all ages – allowing them to use all five senses to discover the workings of nature! 

We have the added benefit of several buildings to protect from outside elements and cold weather. We are pleased to offer group trips YEAR ROUND. 

Each field trip includes access to the farm property: petting zoo areas, 2 playsets, Mega Slide, covered picnic areas and  parking. 

Farm Discovery Field Trip

These field trips are offered January through Late September, and again November-December. These are our education field trips where you are guided by Mary’s Land Farm staff for your chosen activities or lessons.  

Open to grades 6th through Adult Groups. We offer half day options (2-3 hours) or full day options (5-6 hours). Please see below for the various immersion field trip selections we offer. 

We do not offer Farm Discovery Field Trips during our Fall Barnyard Adventure season, September 23 – November 9, 2024. 

Farm Discovery Field Trip Lesson Guide

Half Day Field Trips: Enjoy a 2-3 hour (from arrival to departure) field trip to the farm. Part of your field trip time is formal instruction by Mary’s Land Farm staff. The other half is self-guided free play for each group to enjoy the other areas of the farm or enjoy lunch at one of our picnic areas. Please choose one (1) of the options below for your formal instruction. 

Full Day (9am-3pm) Field Trips: Your day will be curated to fit in 2 or more lessons with lunch and recreation time. Please select two (2) activities from the options below. 

Option 1: BRIX Tests Soil is the most important factor in all of farming. Select different parts of the farm to see the differences in soil just within a small area and discuss with your team to decide which plot of soil would be most successful for planting

Option 2: The Importance of Water Management Take a walking tour around the farm learning about the different ways we preserve rain on the farm to avoid sending gushing water down the streams to cause erosion and to recycle the water for our animals 

Option 3: Grazin’ Amazin’ Grass Learn the importance and differences between grain-fed and grass-fed cows and how that impacts the nutrients of the meat. Enjoy watching the herd out in their natural habitat of grazing. 

Option 4: The Cycle and Anatomy of an Egg Learn about our pasture-raised chickens and the egg production cycle. Then, collect and dissect eggs while learning the importance of the different parts of the egg.

Option 5: The Anatomy of Greenhouse Plants Tour one of our greenhouses while learning or reviewing the importance factors and minerals of a plant. Then, harvest and dissect a greenhouse plant. 

Option 6: You Butter Believe It Making butter is much easier than you think! With some elbow grease, you’ll have butter made in no time! Learn about the different uses of milk and the benefits of each part of whole milk, then see how easy it is to separate the cream (fat) to end with buttermilk and butter!

Financial Information:

1/2 Day Cost: $12 per person – (students, teachers and staff). Children 2 and under are free.  (1 Free Teacher for every 20 Students). 

Full Day Cost: $20 per person (students, teachers and staff).  Children 2 and under are free.  (1 Free Teacher for every 20 Students). 

If family members will be joining the group, they may pay on their own before arrival through a provided link, or the school will be held responsible for their payment. 

The group size minimum is 20 paying children and adults. There is no maximum size.

Full payment is due at check-in the day you visit the farm. Check must be made to Mary’s Land Festivals

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