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There are four foundational elements that all food-bearing farms have in common: Earth, water, sun, and nurturing. Fossil fuels are not on the list. For thousands of years, agrarian communities practiced organic farming by default. They relied on nature and their hard work to support communities with robust fruit, vegetable, dairy, and livestock yields. Somewhere along the way, fossil fuels, pesticides, and non-organic fertilizers offered an easy way out to produce bigger crops. Of course, we know now that these unsound practices produced foods with diminished nutritional values.

Why are other stores running out of beef, pork, and chicken and we are not?  Mary’s Land Farm grows what they sell. And we have farming partners that share our philosophy.

We are not dependent on international travel lanes, truckers moving food around the country, or shipping companies. Our model is to grow food for the local community, which is the way it should be, and has been for hundreds of years.


Tom Cunningham was on many different farms in 1972 when he was four years old!  Why? Because the only way to supply all of the local grocery business in Baltimore was to gather lots of fresh products from lots of different farms.  Back in the day when roads were dirt, and phones were rare, food and animals were spread out to reduce pathogens.  Think of it as social distancing for the food supply.

We repeat now, what farms did for decades, which was raise a small quantity of food for the local community.


As a Mary’s Land Farm home delivery customer, you can shop online from a wide variety of fresh-from-the-farm, produce, meat, pantry items, baked goods, olive oils, vinegar, and more. Then, we deliver your order right to your front door. You can place orders on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and save time and energy you’d otherwise spend at the grocery store. As produce and orchard fruits become available, we’ll notify you of them, and they can be easily added to your cart.