Soybean vs. Corn vs. What Great Grandparents Used to Eat

Written October 26, 2016 by Thomas Cunningham

The majority of the current food supply is either a corn or soybean product. The reason being, you can’t find anything cheaper than corn or soybeans. These two plants have been scientifically engineered to be very tough. They can be sprayed with Roundup and still survive! Additionally, they are two plants that depend very much on the sun for their nourishment. In other words, they aren’t the type of plant that digs deep to pull minerals and nutrients out of the soil.

On feed lots around the country, chickens, cows, and pigs are all fed soybean and #2 corn. Because the corn and soybean aren’t exactly a well balanced diet, the eggs, milk, and meat the animals produce lack many of the nutrients your grandparents food contained.   Additionally, the animals containment can lead to illness if not treated with antibiotics.

What did your great-grandparents used to eat? Cows fed exclusively on a large variety of grasses. Some grasses were shallow and other forage went deep. This multi-variate species of grasses led to a much greater variety of nutrient rich forage, which grew in nutrient rich soil.

At Savory Farm, our cows are 100% grass fed. We work all year to improve our soil. We will get to a point in about 7 years where we no longer need to work to improve our soil which has been damaged by over 50 years of crop planting that led to erosion and depletion.

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