The Second Annual Clarksville Sunflower Festival Attracts Locals and Travelers

Melanie Karolenko and Emma Zanotelli
Mary’s Land Farm



A 5-Acre Sunflower Field Brings Visitors of All Ages and Interests

Ellicott City, MD: The second annual Clarksville Sunflower Festival at Mary’s Land Farm began on Saturday, August 14th, 2021, and will run through Saturday, August 29th, 2021. The festival attracts locals in Howard County, Maryland, visitors from other parts of Maryland, and travelers from other states who wish to experience the 5-acre sunflower field situated at the center of the 260-acre farm.

Mary’s Land Farm plants the large field of sunflowers for visitors of all ages and interests to enjoy, photograph, and cut (a single bloom or more may be cut with ticket purchases. All festival attendees must pre-purchase a ticket at During festival weekends, the event also includes food trucks, beverage trucks, vendors selling uncommon goods and wares. Weekday visitors may walk the fields, cut blooms, and visit other areas of the farm, including the farm store, which sells meat and produce from the farm; olive oils and balsamic vinegar; and other healthy foodstuffs.

In addition to producing delicious, healthy food throughout the year, the owners and staff at Mary’s Land Farm strive to provide beauty and personal enjoyment to enrich visitors’ lives. As the summer season winds down, the Sunflower Festival offers a unique venue for a full, lively experience for individuals and families.

Festival co-managers, Melanie Karolenko and Emma Zanotelli, who oversee and support the event, which includes a large staff, and a variety of vendors and musicians present during the festival weekends share their excitement about the Clarksville Sunflower Festival. Ms. Zanotelli notes, “We’re thrilled to see the farm visitors walking the fields, cutting their blooms, photographing the flowers, and enjoying the vendors.” Ms. Karolenko adds, “It’s an exciting time on the farm as we all celebrate the wonder and joy of creation.”

Mary’s Land Farm also hosts a pumpkin festival every weekend in October and Christmas-season events in December.

About Mary’s Land Farm and the Clarksville Sunflower Festival: Mary’s Land Farm, located in Howard County, Maryland educates about and raise healthy animals, fruits, and vegetables in a regenerative ecosystem while maintaining the highest ethical standards for our products and their caregivers, so the farm owners, staff, and visitors can eat nourishing food raised responsibly. Please visit

 The Clarksville Sunflower Festival is held annually at Mary’s Land Farm. It attracts locals and travelers who experience a 5-acre sunflower field on a 260-acre farm along with other special offerings. For tickets and and more information, please visit


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