A Salad a Day…


Did you know that eating just one salad a day provides even greater health benefits than previously thought?

Researchers at the UCLA School of Public Health studied salad consumption of more than 17,000 adults and found that those who eat daily salads and raw vegetables show considerably higher levels of vitamins C, E, and folic acid—all key in promoting a healthy immune system.

According to the study:

  • Eating a salad a day directly correlates with higher nutrient intake overall.
  • Consumption of as little as one serving of salad or raw vegetables per day may support meeting the recommended intakes of vitamins A, E, B6, and folic acid.
  • Higher vegetable and fruit consumption may protect against pre-menopausal bone loss in women.

At the time of this writing (early September 2021), our farm store is stocking:


  • Arugula – complementary with other greens
  • Butter – soft and mildly sweet
  • Chicarita – young and versatile
  • Green Forest and Jericho Romaines – attractive and sturdy
  • Tropicana – tender, sweet, and crisp


  • China rose radish – substantial and crunchy
  • Rainbow radish – snappy with a pleasing bite


  • Basil – sweet and savory
  • Chives – mild raw onion flavor
  • Sage – hints of mint, eucalyptus, and lemon
  • Oregano – peppery and assertive


COMING SOON from our hydroponic greenhouse:

  • Cilantro – zesty green taste
  • Dill – grassy and citrusy
  • Strawberries – juicy and sweet
  • Watercress – peppery and bright

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