Product Overview – Eggs

Chicken Eggs

At our store, we sell large, whole brown eggs that are raised on our farm. Our layer hens are securely locked in our barn at night and spend the morning laying their eggs and consuming their GMO-Free and Soy-Free organic feed mix. In the afternoon, we let them roam outside the barn and forage.


Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs are available for sale out our store as well. The ducks are excellent egg layers and excellent foragers. The ducks spend the night in a secure building, but each morning head out to one of the ponds on the property where they forage naturally. About 4pm, they make their way back into the building as they know they need protection at night.

Customers love duck eggs for different reasons. Some are allergic to chicken eggs and find that duck eggs are an excellent replacement for chicken eggs. Others like that the stiff white of the duck egg makes an excellent foam. Protein enthusiasts love the high nutritional value of duck eggs.