Are you fascinated by sustainable agriculture and interested in learning more?  Do you have a job that keeps you at the computer all day and just want to be out in the fresh air with your hands in the dirt for a few hours a week?  Are you into eating healthy and want to get to know other like-minded people in the community?  If so, consider joining the Volunteer Society by filling out this Google Form.

All volunteers are invited to the monthly staff development activities where an expert in some field at the farm teaches everyone else the whys and hows of their part of the farm.  The Volunteer Society also organizes some social events from time to time at the farm just to build community and share conversations.  In the past we have had volunteers who “just want to get away from the computer screen” help weed the sunflower field and corn maze. It’s not glamorous, but the fresh air is rejuvenating.  We’ve had volunteers work shifts at the Sunflower Festival and Fall Festival to be out and about with the community.  We’ve had volunteers specifically interested in the greenhouse come and work with the greenhouse director to learn for free.  We’re looking for volunteers with a passion for sustainable agriculture that would be willing to give tours on Saturday mornings.

Whatever your interest may be, if you feel drawn to be a volunteer, we’d love to meet you!  Fill out the Google Form to get started. Google Form link