Whole Beef


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Sold By: Mary's Land Farm


Our current head of cattle goes to processing throughout January 2022. Then they are aged and processed for delivery to you in February.

Purchase a whole cow from Mary’s Land Farm!
  • Our Devon beef cattle are 100% grass fed from start to finish.
  • You’ll receive about 500lbs of meat, which includes all cuts, organ meats, and ground beef.
  • We’ll adjust your invoice if your cow is more or less than 500lbs at a rate of $8 per finished lb.
  • Your beef orders must be 100% prepaid.

We offer only whole beef purchases. If you’d like a half or quarter cow, please consider buying one of our whole beef with a friend or family member. You may store a whole cow in a 20 cubic foot freezer.

NOTE: Grass-fed beef are smaller than corn-fed or finished cows because they do not gain unhealthy fat. The extra weight on corn finished cows occurs because corn adds a lot of fat weight to the cow, which the industry calls “marbling.” Although a grass-fed, grass-finished cow may result in overall less product weight, more of that weight is protein instead of fat.