Mary’s Land Farm was created to produce healthy food raised responsibly.  A large part of that mission includes teaching others how to do the same or at least to make community members aware of the importance of such a mission.

We have the following educational activities.

First Saturday Tours of the Farm – Every first Saturday from June to October there is a tour of the farm that is suitable for adults and children alike.  We hook up the wagon and a farm explains each of the major components of the farm.  The cost of the First Saturday activity is $10 per adult or child and $30 per family. Members tour for free.

Field Trips – We strive to give children of all ages an understanding of farm life, appreciation of nature, and the importance of respecting all living things.  We can always use volunteers to assist with field trips.  If you are interested, please inquire at the farm store.

Adult Activities – Our plan is to have adult activities just about every month of the year.  Some of the vendors of local products at our store like to come in and explain their enthusiasm for our products.

Farm Festivals –  Four times per year we have a multi-day festival giving a chance for local residents in the community to get to know our farm, its vendors, and other local merchants.

Cooking Classes – Secolari Cooking Classes are quite famous.  We combine great chefs, good food, and our famous Secolari Oils for an evening to remember.